What is BeCoach Academy Online?

BeCoach Academy Online is the online learning platform of BeCoach Academy. BeCoach Academy provides professional coaching training in Munich in English language, following the standards of International Coach Federation (ICF). 

BeCoach Academy enables you to: 

  • create a new career path for yourself as a professional coach 
  • enhance your leadership style and step up in your career 
  • strengthen your relationships by developing communication skills 

To learn more about us, please click here.

Who can use this online learning platform?

Users of this online learning platform are registered students of the BeCoach Academy Professional Coaching Diploma Program. To learn more about the professional coaching diploma program, click here

For non-registered students who are accessing this platform as guests, the following courses are available for free: 

As a guide, each course has an access description:
guest iconmeans guest access is allowed
guest iconmeans student access

Types of access may also be viewed under the course description.

How does the online learning platform work?

Online course work amounting to 11 hours is a requirement of the diploma program. This is combined with 64 hours of in-person trainings, 8 hours of webinars, 2 hours of individual coaching sessions, 9 hours of supervised coaching sessions with feedback and 6 hours of demo sessions.

Throughout the duration of the diploma program, you will be accessing self-paced and interactive online learning materials through this platform. These materials include slide presentations, videos, non-graded exercises and audio recordings. 

During the program, you will also have supervision coaching sessions, demo sessions and individual coaching sessions. The schedules of these sessions as well as deadlines for passing requirements will be posted here. You will submit all the requirements as well as view your results via this online platform.


How do I get started with learning?

As soon as you register to the professional coaching diploma program, you are automatically enrolled in the online learning platform.

On your first log in, familiarize yourself with the learning environment. A menu on the left side of the screen shows relevant links. You may also customize your Dashboard to your liking.

Where can I see the schedule of trainings, deadlines, and events?

Guests and students can view the calendar of events here. You may also access it from the menu on the left side of the screen as long as you are logged on as a guest or a student.

I have a question that is not in the FAQ. How can I reach you?

We, at BeCoach Academy Online are happy to hear from you and answer your questions. We welcome feedback and suggestions. 

You may click here and write us your questions, suggestions and feedback. Alternatively, if you are logged on as a guest or a student, the menu on the left side of your screen shows the links to Home, Dashboard, Calendar, FAQ and many others. You can see the link to the feedback section there too.