Wednesday, 20 January 2021


Coaching Practicum

Wednesday, 20 January, 7:00 PM » 9:00 PM

Zoom Link:

Coaching Practicum is a community event the purpose of which is that students and graduates can keep practising certain coaching tools and techniques.

Any of you can suggest a tool or technique that you want to practice and add it to the Google doc. This could be a new tool which you want to introduce to your peers or a tool which you learnt during the programme and want to master it by practising in a safe environment with your peers.

If you don't have a tool to suggest, you may simply join a team of somebody who suggested a tool by adding your name to the Google doc.

Theoretically, people in the call can work in 2 teams (in different virtual rooms) practising a tool which they most interested in. 

LET'S GET STARTED! Visit the Google doc to suggest a tool and add your name.